Telescope Magnification Explained

Telescope magnification — or zoom, as beginners sometimes call it — is not as important as you might think. While it’s true that magnification is one of the defining characteristics of a telescope, in astronomy magnification is secondary to another … Read More

How Far Can We Take Pictures in Space?

In case you haven’t noticed, space is big.  And I mean big. 93 billion light years in diameter, according to NASA, or around 1 trillion trillion kilometers if you prefer. Of course, we are just talking about the size of … Read More

Can You See Black Holes with a Telescope?

If you’ve ever wondered about the chances of accidentally stumbling on a black hole during a leisurely outing without your telescope, I’ve got bad news for you: black holes cannot be seen with a telescope. Or anything else for that … Read More

Mountain Top Observatory

9 Ways Astrophotographers Make Money

Whether you’re taking a picture of the Moon on your smartphone, or taking a picture of a distant galaxy using a telescope, there are many different ways to capture the vast beauty of our universe, but can you make money … Read More

Telescope Live Reviewed by an Astrophotographer

The aim of Telescope Live is to make astrophotography accessible to all. It does this by having tier based subscriptions available as bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. With the bronze membership costing only £4 per month, it’s certainly an attractive option to many astrophotographers who aren’t fortunate enough to live in areas with over 250 clear nights each year – in fact, as I write this, I haven’t had a clear sky for over a month!